Looking for other work that (better) matches your studies?

There can be several reasons why you are looking for other work. Maybe the work is less fun now. Perhaps the earnings in the long run are disappointing or family life can no longer be combined with working hours.

Whatever the reason, if you decide to retrain and exchange the sector for a branch that is better suited to your studies, then Flex budget is the place to help you on your way.

Whether it concerns questions regarding filling in the gaps in the resume, finding other work, solving the administration, finances and / or debts, following an MBO or HBO education in addition to work, obtaining a residence permit, writing a business plan or arranging education and care for the children, in all cases Flex budget serves as a sounding board.

The expertise of Flex budget helps you to make the final career switch or to find a part-time addition to your current profession. The choice is yours. For example, you can first continue to work part-time and still build up pension within a promising profession of your choice.

Promising professions at the moment are, for example, secretaries, hairdressers, beauticians, childcare leaders, teaching assistants, cleaners, parcel deliverers, checkout assistants, elderly care and intermediaries (at least 90% are women). So why not you?

Excellent quality

Support of a strong back office in matters such as insurance, absenteeism management, salary processing and pre-financing. All the necessary certificates to distinguish you qualitatively.

Starter salary and Valuation

The reality shows that up to 21 years of age you are often welcome at any company because you are young, cheap and eager to learn and are aware of the latest developments such as the internet and social media.

Whether you have 2 years or 10 years of work experience, as soon as you apply at a new employer, you come in as a new employee and you therefore receive the corresponding starter salary based on the minimum wage for your age.

If you are employed, you will be paid, just like everyone else, to what the position is worth and not to what you are really worth. This is often wrong. Admit it, are you worth more or less than the minimum wage or a percentage thereof? If you say more, than choose specialized Freelance (ZZP) Mediation from Flex budget.

Now look at your daily (work) clothing, education, work experience, authority, specialism and commuting time. And multiply that by the minimum wage or percentage corresponding to your age and divide the result by the number of chargeable hours you work.

Does the starter job salary still suit you? We guarantee that you will be amazed at what you are actually worth per hour. It is therefore advisable that you take precautions yourself.

You can use some help when taking precautions. From someone who gives you a push in the right direction at the right time, encourages something or motivates you. And with Flex budget, as a ‘sounding board’, you are at the right place. Via Flex budget with specialized Freelance (ZZP) Mediation, you learn, through practical solutions, what you are worth in the business world as a freelancer.

Personal contact

We immerse ourselves in your company, the culture of your company, the best candidates and have personal contact as a priority.

Problem solving a gap in the resume

If you have worked in the sector for years or are still working in it, you will certainly have to deal with a gap in your resume. After all, it is good to imagine that, given the stigma about the sector, you do not like to see this work reflected in your resume. In addition, the SBI code at the Chamber of Commerce can give a negative image, which means that, for example, housing cooperatives, insurance companies and / or banks do not like to work with you.

But the SBI code can also be given a positive twist, namely the description of contact mediation. Contact mediation is applied among other things to brokers (matching supply and demand for certain products or services), employment mediation (mediating in the search for work or staff) and relationship mediation (bringing people who are looking for a affective relationship in contact with eachother).

During the period in which you have worked within the sector, you have had your own company that has dealt with contact mediation in the broadest sense. You helped other individuals get to know new people so that they had a trusted companion with whom they could undertake various activities together, for example, have a drink, eat together, go to the movies, play sports or simply offer a listening ear.

Opportunities to find a solution

With your help, others have been able to break through their loneliness, with the result that new friendships or affective relationships have emerged. In addition, you were also responsible for customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

You have also combined motherhood with your company and thus further developed your other strengths such as communication, time management, planning and organization. Because be honest, growing children also need coaching in their further development.

A career switch is certainly reserved for you. You are helpful, flexible, stress-resistant and you have the necessary negotiating skills and empathy, so that you can put yourself in the position of the other person. You provide a pleasant but safe working environment and you do not have a 9 to 5 mentality.

Having your own company within the sector does not necessarily mean that you have a gap in your personal development. With the proposed aging you get the chance to use your skills in the longer term to accompany the elderly, for example an appointment to the hospital or to cook a healthy meal at home. You can retrain to find helping and other work within the care for the elderly.

Clarity in advance

With us you will not be surprised with unexpected bills. We deliver our services at pre-agreed rates. No match? No problem! You only pay for the hours worked by the candidate.

More than just an employment agency!

As a temporary employment agency Flex budget is specialized in self-employed people without employees from Central and Eastern Europe focused on the Dutch labor market. We are happy to help you find other work. However, Flex budget is more than just an employment agency.

We give you, as a freelancer (ZZP’er), result-oriented advice and support to give your company more continuity and / or to make it profitable. During the Freelance (ZZP) Mediation we provide a broad administrative service so that you can be eligible for an affordable rental property in the free sector.

On behalf of you we maintain contact with the housing cooperative and prepare the necessary documents for you, such as invoicing, accounting and tax returns. We are happy to help you in Dutch, English, Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish or Russian so that you are sure that you meet the conditions to be assigned a rental property.

We don't judge

With us you can talk freely. You are seen by us as a freelancer who has created her craft. We have not displayed any judgment about you and / or the sector you are currently employed. We believe that your skills can also be applied within an industry that better matches your studies.

You have to make the choice for other work yourself, Flex budget offers the facilities for this, but also gives you sufficient freedom of choice, because you are in control. During your transformation from R.U.P.S. to butterfly you determine for yourself where, for which company and especially when you work.

Our Flex budget rates

For us no penthouses, castles, marble floors and golden faucets. Our overhead costs are low and so are our Flex budget rates. Are you also curious about our favorable conversion factor?

Will you be our new colleague?

Flex budget offers you, as a career woman between the ages of 21 and 35, with the ambition to start your own business within the employment agency sector, the opportunity to gain work experience in addition to your studies, to undertake independently and to promote, start or test your business ideas before you decide to start your own company. This avoids high initial costs. You do this by renting a branch of Flex budget.

Furthermore, you need less starting capital and you receive ongoing support, coaching and guidance. You use all the necessary certificates to distinguish yourself qualitatively and you have the freedom to find other work within your own branch with its own catchment area where you can develop from R.U.P.S. to a butterfly or as an independent entrepreneur.

Do you dream of starting for yourself as a recruiter and do you want to take advantage of the benefits of a professional and strong brand? Do you want to start your own employment agency, but don’t want to be on your own? By renting a branch with its own service area, you enter into a partnership with Flex budget, where Flex budget acts as a sounding board that takes care of payments, paperwork and marketing, so that you can fully concentrate on your work and clients.

Make your dream come true

Flex budget outsources the back office to Flexhub, a specialist in the field of invoicing, payroll administration, contract management, absenteeism, legislation and regulations, training modules and more. Flexhub has all the required certifications and statements, including the NEN 4400-1 certification, VCU certification, the SNA quality mark and the WKA statement.

Our employees with experience do not only fit within the culture of the company, but also have exactly the right competencies to be able to provide you with the best possible service. You are not alone. You will receive support, among other things, in building a network, setting up a marketing campaign and the necessary training.

Housing mediation

Flex budget mediates in trade, rent or lease of real estate. As a housing broker we are successfully active in mediating rental homes in the free sector for self-employed people from Central and Eastern Europe.

Specialized ZZP Mediation

If you come from Central and Eastern Europe and want to work in the Netherlands as a Self-Employed Without Personnel, as your flexible sparring partner, we will look for your true entrepreneurial qualities and the realistic valuation of your company, yourself and your price per service or product.

Flex budget mediation helps you, as a self-employed entrepreneur, with new assignments in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a lot to offer to foreign entrepreneurs: accessibility by road, via rail, ports and airports is excellent. In addition, the digital infrastructure is one of the fastest and most reliable in the world.

This is also the reason why many web stores and distribution centers are established in the Netherlands. These companies regularly have vacancies and search nationally and internationally for the right candidates to fill these vacancies. The call for experienced staff is therefore enormous. Some promising professions at the moment are, for example, secretaries, hairdressers, beauticians, childcare leaders, teaching assistants, cleaners, parcel deliverers and checkout staff (at least 90% are women).

Our specialized ZZP Mediation services include:

  • Recognize a diploma

    What is the value of the foreign diploma in the Netherlands?

  • Flight and transport

    You arrange your flight and transport to the Netherlands yourself

  • IND procedures

    Think of all the (possibly) required paperwork

  • Housing

    We are specifically looking for a rental property in the free sector

  • Social security number

    Registration with the municipality, social security number and digid

  • Bank account

    Payment, debit card and online banking via a basic account

  • Health insurance

    We take out health insurance for Flexmigrants

  • Dutch class

    Learn all about Orientation on the Dutch Labor Market

  • Self-employed brokerage

    Chamber of Commerce number, VAT number and tailor-made assignments

  • Tax authorities

    Surcharges, sales tax declaration and income tax

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